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SA political action committee by the name of “Keep Austin’s Word” was filed on September 2.  The person who appointed the treasurer is former City Councilwoman Betty Dunkerley.  Councilwoman Dunkerley was a supporter of the Domain deal in 2003. (In fact, all the Council members at that time supported the deal, except Daryl Slusher.  The only remaining councilmember who voted for the original deal is Mayor Will Wynn.)  Dunkerley appointed the treasurer, Bobby Jenkins, of ABC Pest Control.  But, we’re sure this PAC has big wheel developers quickly raising money.  We learned recently that they’re bragging about town that their goal is to raise $250,000 to $500,000 to pound against our campaign on television.

And then there’s Kirk Rudy, Endeavor Development, the original developer of the Domain luxury shopping mall.  He’s been making the rounds with the person they hired to help run their campaign.  It appears to us that Rudy is also trying to appeal to Obama supporters, perhaps based on the fact that he’s raised money for Obama.  Does he think that Obama supporters are going to see this as payback time?  We don’t think this is going to work for out for him either!

So far, the key message of our opposition is to “keep Austin’s word”.  We say, that’s right, let’s keep Austin’s word, particularly, since there is no obligation that the city has for this deal.  That’s right folks, the city still plans to give the Domain developer $1.5 million VOLUNTARILY!  You read that right too — due to a 2005 court settlement, the city can walk away without penalty, but they won’t — even as the country is in an economic crisis.

David Adamson of the Central Labor Council, which recently endorsed Prop 2 said it so very well, “The revenue shortfall for the City of Austin required not funding around fifty city positions, raising the solid waste collection fees, raising fees for road maintenance and rolling closures of public libraries.  However, there is between $2 and $3 million dollars in the City budget to rebate to Simon Properties, the largest multinational shopping mall operator on this planet, to enhance their already highly profitable bottom line. The CLC supports a yes vote for the Stop Domain Subsidies City Charter amendment, Prop 2.

You too, can stop this madness.  Vote for Prop 2 and call us to help get out literature and signs in your neighborhood.  And, of course, we can really use any size donation to help our counter the opposition on radio and TV.  Go to our contribution page to give, or just call us at 383-8484 to give or volunteer!

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