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A Pig at City Hall

Check out Charity the Pig, who attended our press conference last week to protest the hog developers still feeding out of the city trough for the Domain, in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.  When will the city and big boy developers get a clue?  Perhaps not until November 4th.  [...]

Southpaw Jones Sings "Our Domain"

Check it out y’all.  Southpaw won our “Mad As Hell Contest” at the Political Action Art Auction!

Our Opposition

SA political action committee by the name of “Keep Austin’s Word” was filed on September 2.  The person who appointed the treasurer is former City Councilwoman Betty Dunkerley.  Councilwoman Dunkerley was a supporter of the Domain deal in 2003. (In fact, all the Council members at that time supported the deal, except Daryl Slusher.  The [...]

Political Action Art Auction Party Rescheduled to Sat., 9/20!

This spectacular outdoor art/musical/dancing event is now officially rescheduled for Sat., Sept. 20, from 5 to 9 pm.  Come get ready, folks, for the BIG fight for the heart and soul of Austin as the BIG BOY developers are raising mega-cash to snuff out our movement on television!  Can the grassroots win — only YOU [...]

Austin City Council Watched It's Language!

Thanks to the hard work of our friends, in particular Bill Bunch, Kelly Borum, Roy Waley, Wes Benedict, Katy and Matt Culmo of By George, and many more, we succeeded in getting decent (not perfect) ballot language for the Stop Domain Subsidies amendment.  A special thanks to Councilmember Randi Shade who helped us get a [...]

Liveable City Reports Confirms SDS a “bad deal”

Press Release July 1, 2008 Stop Domain Subsidies’ Claims Substantiated by Liveable City Report “The Domain: Anatomy of a Bad Deal” Liveable City, whose mission is to build a shared and sustainable vision for Austin’s future, released a report on economic development practices on Monday authored by economist Michael Oden, a professor in the Community [...]

What do Dems, Repubs, Libs, Greens and Indies Agree on?

Stop Domain Subsidies, but of course! Besides the nearly 500 businesses listed on our front page, these organizations, have endorsed our efforts and we know there are many more coming soon!: South Austin Democrats The Republican Club of Austin Travis County Libertarian Party Independent Texans Capital Area Asian American Democrats Better Austin Today Travis County [...]

Proposed Ballot Language for City Charter Amendment

Stop Domain Subsidies is kicking off a citizen’s petition drive to place the issue of stopping retail subsidies, like the Domain, through an amendment to the City Charter. We will need approximately 20,000 signatures to place the issue on the May ‘08 ballot. Signatures must be filed by the end of January ‘08. Right now, [...]